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Eastern Christian School welcomes back Deborah Ocot as English Honors 9 teacher.

Deborah earned a bachelor’s in English education from MSU and a master’s in biblical literature from Alliance Theological Seminary.

Please tell us about yourself

I love studying scripture, encouraging married couples, walking, biking, hiking, exploring small towns, and, mostly, time with family. I grew up in Clifton. 

How has God brought you to work at EC?

Although I am educated, qualified, and experienced for teaching both English Language Arts and religious studies/theology, I felt the Lord leading me to return to teaching theology, which is specifically in line with my master’s degree in Biblical Literature. I reached out to one of my former colleagues at Eastern Christian School to see if there were any faculty positions available – as it happens there was a position available, and so, at this time, I am excited to return to teaching high school English.

What sets EC apart?

The unique circumstance of having personal teaching experience at EC and other academic institutions allows me to compare and contrast with confidence. Eastern Christian strives to align everything with God’s Word and to honor Him, which makes all the difference. The faculty and staff are caring, professional experts in their fields who, with joy and eagerness, seek to create an environment that fosters a common purpose of helping students identify and prepare for their own god-given purpose. I can personally attest to the accomplishments of many of my former students all for the glory of God.

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