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Intentional Mentoring for 学术, Spiritual, and Social Growth

As a parent, you understand how important the middle school years are. 从六年级到八年级, your child will learn to manage more rigorous courses, 平衡课外活动, 结交新朋友, and ask big questions on their faith journey. 最重要的是, they will be forming their identity as they learn more about their unique talents and begin to discover God’s calling on their lives.

我们的 middle school program is designed to help students thrive (not just survive) through these important years. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:


An E-Book for 中学 Families

下载我们的 茁壮成长指南 and learn practical ways to make the most of your child’s middle school experience.


Building a Positive and Relational Culture

Pre-teens are still learning how to navigate conflict and build healthy relationships. 我们的 school culture fosters these skills and teaches students to:


A Christ-centered approach teaches students to extend and receive grace. They understand the importance of respecting themselves and their peers, because they were made in the image of God.


中学 is not just a time to “get through.“通过小班授课, teachers get to know their students and mentor them to pursue the dreams God has laid on their hearts.


Worship, devotions, prayer time, and community service help each student strengthen their faith. 我们的 Make a Difference (MAD)计划 connects students with organizations in our community where they can live our 仆人式领导hip in the real world.


We help students see that they are decision-makers responsible for the outcomes of their choices. Rather than threatening negative consequences, we use positive incentives and emphasize how to make wise choices.

学校环境问题. 亲身体验我们的生活.

电子商务的教育, 编程, and activities open doors for our kids just like our own schooling experience BUT our kids have the signs of being rooted in faith sooner than we were. 我认为上帝无处不在, 每一所学校, every grade with everyone who calls on Him, but what I love about EC is that when my kid isn’t calling on Him, those around them are and we can all feel the difference.

Katie Tarta, EC家长


We believe nurturing a whole person leads to academic success. 学生 who are supported emotionally, socially, and spiritually will thrive in the classroom.  我们的老师利用 基于项目的学习 to help students develop critical thinking skills they’ll use for life. An inquiry centered approach keeps middle schoolers engaged.


Whether volunteering with Habitat for Humanity or the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center, our middle schoolers get involved with causes they are passionate about and become 仆人式领导. Leadership skills are also fostered through athletic and artistic programs, 我们的教会领导团队, 以及其他活动.


我们的 academic program includes age-appropriate technology instruction through 1:1 student chromebook devices and an iMac computer lab. 学生 are engaged in learning technology and developing new abilities through hands-on lessons in photography, 摄像甚至编码. 


中学 体育运动 emphasize character development and being a good team player. 机会包括足球, 篮球, 田径, 越野, 排球(仅限女生). Fifty percent of our middle schoolers participate in 体育运动.

Setting them up for success — today and tomorrow.

Everything we do at Eastern Christian is designed to help your child thrive. 结果? 我们的 middle school graduates are confident, responsible individuals who are ready for high school.


In our 咨询项目, students are encouraged to identify their personal and academic goals. They are then mentored as they take steps to achieve those goals and navigate challenges along the way.


Community is more important than ever in middle school. Small groups allow students to develop relationships with others in their class and receive support as they walk through the ups and downs of early adolescence.


As students move through their coursework, 我们强调责任, 时间管理, and organizational skills that are vital for success in high school and college.


环境很重要, and our beautiful 10-acre campus in Wyckoff feels like a second home to children from all over Northern New Jersey and New York state. 学生 in grades 4-8 attend our Wyckoff campus and middle schoolers enjoy serving as positive role models and leaders to younger students. Teachers develop lasting relationships with their students and work with them throughout multiple school years, which culminates in positive adult-youth relationships.


You can schedule an in-person or virtual 参观学校, or register for one of our upcoming 开放的房子 or 影子天. 我们期待很快与您见面!